In the convenience of your home, you can listen in or join prayer with others all over the world!


It is teleconference call which allows people all over the world to join in together in prayer over the phone by using conferencing technology. Callers have the option of accessing prayers through their phone or through their computer. Callers who live in different states or countries dial in at a schedule time as an Intercessor makes their requests known to God.

How Does It Works?

Dial number 515-604-9747
When prompt, enter access code 728838

Will I Have To State My Name When Getting On The Line?

No, you never have to say your name when you enter the prayer line. If you would like for us to acknowledge you by first name, you certainly can. Since you are on a telephone, no one will see you or know who you are unless you tell us.

Do I Have To Call From My Home Phone?

No, you can dial from your home, work, or cell phone.

I Have T-Mobile And My Carrier Charges Me To Join The Call. Is There A Way To Join Without the Charges?

Yes, you can join the call without charges. Simply download the freeconferencecall app:

The online meeting ID is: letstalkwithGod6

I would like for you to pray for me. How do I submit a prayer request? Can I send it anytime?

Yes, you can submit your prayer requests anytime. Intercessors will pray for your request as soon as we receive it.

Submit Your Prayer Request HERE.

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